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Refresher courses


In the framework of the international musical and educational project "Academy of Composers" in Tchaikovsky city refresher courses for teachers of additional education, musicians - performers, musicologists on the topic of "Young Composers Academy" are planned. The training program is consistent with the Ministry of Culture of the Perm region. Rector of Perm State Academy of Art and Culture, Honored Worker of Culture of the Russian Federation, Professor Lyudmila Drobysheva-Razumovskaya oversees the program course.

Refresher courses will be held in the period from 31.08 on 12.09.2016 in Tchaikovsky city of Perm region. The training program is designed for 72 hours, after which a state certificate of additional professional training will be issued. The program includes not only lectures of teachers of the International Academy, lectures - concerts, creative meetings, master-classes of teachers, and individual counseling of participants of the training under the direction of leading Russian musical group specializing in the performance of contemporary classical music - Moscow Contemporary Music Ensemble (MCME ). The training program is meetings with Russian and foreign composers, professors - teachers in the field of composition Oscar Bianchi (Switzerland), Carola Bauckholt and Helmut Zapf (Germany), Fabien Levy (France), Michael Smetanin (Australia), Sergey Nevsky (Russia / Germany), Dmitry Kurlandsky, Igor Mashukov (Russia), also is meetings with students of Academy of Composers, visiting their presentation sessions. The lectures of senior fellow of the National Center for Contemporary Art (Nizhny Novgorod city), the candidate of art, musicologist Xenia Anufrieva will be organized at the training courses.

This unique opportunity to receive additional education arose the fifth time. Leaders of Academy and Tchaikovsky municipal district administration support promising idea: based on international academic courses define "the tone of the highest level", that is, in the framework of academic training of young composers to conduct professional refresher courses of teachers and musicians of Tchaikovsky city and other districts of the Perm region.

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